I'm Liz, and I draw a comic called Adrastus. On this blog you're going to find art tutorials, robots, stuff about my comic and Manga Studio, and lots of feminism. I'm one of those feminists who believes that women should be equal to men, not superior. I want equal representation in media and hate ridiculous over-sexualization of women.

I curse sometimes. If you want to see my fandom stuff, that blog is titled feelsandships.
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Describe your webcomic in 5 words, and leave a link.




The War of Winds: Stolen artifact controls their destiny

What it Takes: Kickass girl rescues her boyfriend

I want to see how far this can go. Link! Link! Describe!

City of Cards: City boys discover ancient Reno

This was actually pretty tough.

If hyphens are allowed:
Sombulus: Surreal, magical and fun-filled world-hopping.

If not:
: Mind the flying toasters, kids.

Adrastus: 70’s Giant Robot Love Letter

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    Frankie and Stein: Small child makes corpse friend
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